Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 7:00PM

James Bridges TheaterMelnitz Hall, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television


Producers Marketplace featured four graduate students from the distinguished Producers Program presenting their feature film or television project to a panel of top-tier industry judges before a live audience. Finalists deliver brief concept pitches and then field questions from the judges about their project and their financing strategy.

The judges select the most promising proposal for the Dan Angel Family Producers Award, and the audience selects its favorite pitch for the Barbara Boyle Promising Producers Prize.

Each year, the producing students choose an esteemed producer from the industry in recognition of their talent, success and leadership within the film community.

Student hosts: Nae Talison and Grace Vincent.

The Finalists

Runze Qiu

Bio: Runze Qiu graduated magna cum laude from NYU Tisch in 2020, where he double majored in Film Production and Analytical Economics. Subsequently, he worked for two years in Beijing as an assistant to an executive producer before attending the UCLA Producers Program to focus his career on film and TV creative development. At UCLA, Runze has worked in Development as an intern at FilmNation Entertainment, Media Res Studio, COL Media, Zero Gravity Management, and Whitaker Entertainment at the Walt Disney Studio. Your Room Is Ready, the short film he produced during his first year at UCLA, was officially selected by the LA Shorts International Film Festival, an Academy-Awards-qualifying festival. Out of the Producers Program, Runze aims to champion the underrepresented voices of Asian American talents and produce director-driven thriller, suspense, and horror films in the vein of Parasite and Black Swan. Currently, he intends to pursue a career in film development at a studio or a production company.

Thesis: Cauliflower. Psychological Thriller Feature. After accidentally killing his bullying wrestling coach in a private training session, an overly ambitious freshman high school wrestler suddenly starts to hear the voice of his dead coach from his infected cauliflower ear. As the voice guides him toward his dream high school wrestling tournament championship, the protagonist struggles to maintain his sanity as the voice gets darker and darker.

Category: Feature


Mattie Friberg

Bio: Mattie Friberg is an aspiring TV comedy development executive interested in creating smart and irreverent TV comedies that subvert existing power structures and tell stories that flip the script on the world we all inhabit. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Film and History at the University of Vermont, she spent a short stint filming House and Senate press briefings and hearings on Capitol Hill before deciding to get out of dodge. Next she worked for National Geographic, cool, right? She mainly worked on shows about sick cows and the poor vets who have to stick their hands up their butts, which were presumably being watched by about 6 people in South Dakota. After a few years of that whole situation, as well as a year on Maui working as an underwater photographer, she decided to head back to school to fulfill a lifelong dream of being able to tell people she has a Master’s Degree. Since moving out to Los Angeles, Mattie has interned with Anton Corp, Amasia Entertainment, Artists First, Concourse Media, and 3 Arts Entertainment. All that being said, with any of the free time she can scrape together, you can find her surfing at Topanga Beach.
Thesis: Zoomans. Logline: In this adult half-hour animated comedy, a group of people find themselves stuck in a human zoo on an alien spaceship and will have to learn to rely on each other to stay sane and try to find their way back home, or else never see their loved ones again.

Category: TV


Tara Wilson

Bio: Tara Wilson received her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in 2022, graduating magna cum laude in just three years with a major in English and emphasis in Creative Writing. While there, she interned at Skydance Animation, falling in love with the content and whimsical visuals. Since arriving at UCLA, Tara has interned at a number of companies, including DreamWorks Animation and Zero Gravity Management, where she has been able to further her love for animated projects in both development and production. Tara hopes to one day create films that inspired her growing up, showcasing enchanting stories, unforgettable characters, and imaginative worlds that only animation is capable of creating.

Thesis: The Tree of Life. 3D Animated Feature. After the previous loss of their parents, two siblings go on a journey to find the mystical World Tree from Norse mythology to save their dying grandmother. As they search for a fabled fruit that is capable of bringing someone back from near death, they discover the resilience needed to move forward from grief. 

Category: Feature

Hope Kindred

Bio: Hope Kindred received her undergraduate degree in Theory and Practice of Cinema from California State University, Long Beach, in 2022. At CSULB, Hope worked on a wide variety of film and television projects, tried nearly every position on set, and found her passion in producing. During her time at UCLA, Hope interned at Blue Yonder Productions, Anarchists United, and Valhalla Entertainment. She also co-produced two UCLA short films. Upon graduation, Hope plans on pursuing a career in physical production, working her way up the ladder to become a line producer.

Thesis Logline: A rebellious older sister must embrace a life of crime by working for a vicious pirate queen in order to get her pure-of-heart younger sister back before the pirate queen sells her off to the highest bidder. Thesis Title: Belladonna Thesis Format: 1 hour adventure

Category: TV