Saturday, June 9-Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The Event: Explore an experimental digital media workspace.
Special Thanks: Fabian Wagmister, Steve Anderson and Bill Barminski


Hungry EyesSabrina Ashleigh Tan

Hungry Eyes is a projection-mapped, narrative experience that observes Hungry Eyes (female) and her relationship with bulimia in response to an excess consumption of food and media. The installation’s reliance on multiple/faceted imagery underscores Hungry Eyes’ fragmented sense of self, while a reliance on transmedia storytelling — the narrative is further explored in — perpetuates her post-cinematic context.

EOHudson Bubba Southey-Gordon

EO is an interactive, projection-mapped tree. It uses IBM Watson and Unity to speak with you about how your day is going.

PinVid, A Digital Pinball MachineAndré De Limur

PinVid is a modern take on an America classic. The PinVid pinball machine simulator uses video projectors to wrap an interactive pinball cabinet in vivid animation and imagery. While Player One uses the traditional arcade buttons to play pinball, Player Two becomes the antagonist by using a separate control panel to manipulate the aesthetics and function of the game and surrounding environment. This is not your father’s pinball machine.

Origami ARMira Takamura

Help Bunny find her prized carrot through a virtual storybook  — an augmented reality experience.

The WhereaboutMatt Fabius

The Whereabout is a room-scale VR experience in a handmade, clay environment that mixes stop-motion and computer animation through 3D scanning technology. Explore a mysterious forest and uncover its secrets, while meeting some quirky, fun — and sometimes unsettling — characters along the way.


Home PhoneEster Abosch

Home Phone is a work in progress that explores the voyeuristic and insular nature of small towns and video games. In its final iteration, it will be a game in which players can interact with the girl inside the dollhouse over the phone as she tries to avoid a family party.

A Report on the Body and its ConsequencesMo Dooley

Report on the Body and its Consequences is a work-in-progress that explores the interaction of viewers with the space they occupy. Upon its completion, the piece will be able to sense the number of viewers in a space and play numerically corresponding works, while viewers in an adjacent space have the ability to control the audiovisual distortion of the works on display by moving their bodies.

Wolf TracksStefan Wanigatunga

Wolf Tracks is a work in progress installation piece. The viewer can create a symphony of sounds when they stand perfectly in the center of the piece. The installation features images of wolves and a mask on the ceiling that will move when it recognizes you.

E-SCAPESarah Henry

Enter the E-SCAPE to experience a virtual replication of our world and where our future may lie. A prototype of an interactive art installation, E-SCAPE transports you to a world not unlike our own. An immersive 360 environment, look at where our society is now and discover where we might end up if we are not careful.

At the Knee of the Curve // EarthPeter Berger

At the Knee of the Curve is a projection mapping installation that explores the relationship between natural and technological evolution. Ray Kurzeil, among others, believes technology is progressing at an exponential rate, leading humanity to an inevitable technological “singularity.” Not only is exponential technological advancement difficult to process, but also allows for potentially dangerous uses of technology to arise before people have time to deliberate their real-world impacts.

Earth: The projection shows real satellite images of Earth that have been animated with clouds to create the illusion of a revolving planet that changes from day to night. The explosions, seen toward the end of the looping animation, provide a more removed perspective on what role warfare plays on our planet.

Technological PsychosisEmily Perkins Rock

A posterboard showcasing research on the interaction of mental health and technology.